Delmar Public Library - Your Bi-State Library

Dynamic! Wonderful! Wow! Once completed in March 2018, as conceptualized in this brief film clip, the Delmar Public Library will claim its place as a community centerpiece for the Town of Delmar. Within walking distance of most town residents and schools, the Library will enhance the community with
• An expansive community meeting and program space;
• A dedicated youth program space;
• A small group meeting and conversation space;
• Tutoring, study, and entrepreneurial planning space;
• Increased collection, leisure reading, children’s and teen spaces;
• Flexible technology capacity and space.
An investment in the Library, our mission, and our community.

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Help Us Preserve Library State Funding

by on Friday, March 3, 2017 11:58 AM

Help us preserve library state funding!  We understand financial challenges.  These challenges are exactly why it's critically important to ensure continued support of our public libraries.  From technology access to one-on-one job search assistance to early literacy activities that prepare students for school to class and workshops that promote brain health in our seniors, library staff serve their communities face-to-face, right where they live.

Contact your elected officials to voice your support of libraries to keep their buildings open and preserve our level of excellence.

Download the sample letters below and write to your Senator and Congressional Representative.  They are:

Rep. Tim Dukes, 302-744-4171,

Senator Bryant Richardson, 302-744-4298,

Sample letter to your Senator

Sample letter to your Congressional Representative