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Dynamic! Wonderful! Wow! Once completed, the Delmar Public Library will claim its place as a community centerpiece for the Town of Delmar. Within walking distance of most town residents and schools, the Library will enhance the community with
• Community meeting and program space;
• Youth program space;
• A small group meeting and conversation space;
• Tutoring, study, and entrepreneurial planning space;
• Increased collection, leisure reading, children’s and teen spaces;
• Flexible technology capacity and space.
An investment in the Library, our mission, and our community.

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Where Did We Get Those Trains?

by on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 9:17 AM

Children of all ages stop by the glass cases and stare at the wooden model steam locomotives on display at the Library. Meticulously reproduced by Mr. Grover LeCates, the locomotives are made from scraps of white pine and spruce, hand-carved using small tools, files, and sandpaper to reproduce every single component, from the broiler casing to the tiny mechanism that move the great wheels. Even the tiny rivets, smaller than a pinhead, are wood. Mr. LeCates grew up in Delmar watching the pageant of steam as it played out its last days. Passenger and freight trains were a daily occurrence in the 1930s, as they passed through the Delmar railroad yards. Watching trains was something that just “got into the blood.” Talented in many ways, Mr. LeCates also built a working telescope “good enough for teaching astronomy students at the high school” and once repaired a clarinet using a stick. He fashioned lamps and built his own ceramic kiln. Next time you’re in the Library, take a moment to view the models and remember the man who made them, one piece at a time. These priceless models are on display every day in the Library.

In addition to the one-of-a kind models, Mr. LeCates also provided a trust for the Library, as a memorial for his wife, Rebecca P. LeCates. Income from the trust is paid to the Library to provide collections for children and adults.

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